Thank you for coming to origami club! Meetings will resume soon!


Thank you to everyone that came to EBOC 2023! EBOC 2024 will be held soon!


Learn to fold and design origami! No experience required!

Who are we?

We are students of UC Berkeley who want to spread the joy of folding origami! Come chill out and destress with us at our weekly club meetings where we’ll teach you cool origami that you can show off to your friends.

We also host the annual East Bay Origami Convention (aka EBOC) for people to come together to fold, share, and show off origami, and also get to meet some world-class folders from the Bay Area. We’re also proud to teach the Origami DeCal, which teaches students how to fold origami, shape models to express their creativity, and design origami models from scratch. We welcome you, whether you’ve never folded origami in your life or you’re a grizzled origami veteran, to come fold origami with us!


Announcements are posted on our Instagram, Discord, and Mailing List!

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