Albert Tran

  • President
  • Mechanical Engineering 2024
"Albert is crazy good at origami (Albert didn't want to write a fun fact, so Oliver wrote one for him)."

Celine Yon

  • Club Head/VP
  • Nutritional Science 2024
"I can't do a cartwheel"

Theo Lysek

  • Decal Head
  • Math and Music 2025
"Likes broccoli"

Tina Vuong

  • Treasurer
  • Pre-Haas 2025
"I like solving sodoku puzzles"

Merritt Rabara

  • Social Chair and Social Media Head
  • Psychology and Cognitive Science 2024
"I rate peets drinks in my spare time."

Geonhan Kang

  • Webmaster
  • Math and Philosophy 2024
"I play TFT"

Former Officers

Abhik Ahuja

  • President
  • Computer Science & Math 2023
"I like taking pictures of stuff"


  • Vice President
  • Data Science 2023
"I like to clean"

Oliver Jiang

  • DeCal Head Instructor
  • Computer Science 2023
"I wrote most of this website!"

Kelly Tan

  • EBOC Chair
  • MCB 2023
"I like tater tots"